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Jewelry Packaging Set for K.S.D., A Jewelry Designer and Manufacturer in Australia

StarSeed Packaging helps KSD finish the packaging solution from design to manufacturing. White and black jewelry box, paper bags, velvet bags and ribbon in one set.

Brand Information


King Street Design

King Street Design is a custom jewelry brand founded by Allan Mouradjallian and his brother Gary, which has been designing and manufacturing fine handmade jewelry since 1978. They offer dress rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and glassware through their store and the website.

KSD-Products Page


Packaging Design Solution

Packaging greatly contributes to brand marketing since it conveys pricing, brand positioning, and service philosophy to consumers through packaging design.

The StarSeed Packaging team intends to keep the brand a low-key but luxury feel while combining the brand colors to create a highly recognizable packaging. In our final draft, 2 collections were created: the white collection and the black collection.

The jewelry box and its outer box are designed with a heightened shape that looks like a square box, creating the feel of a mini gift box. Along with the 16mm custom ribbon, tissue paper and gift paper bag, the jewelry packaging is fully penetrated with rich gift elements and styles.


Communicating on details of the packaging requires an even more efficient approach for overseas buyers. Therefore, being patient, meticulous and professional is especially important to get the final result. Every detail on size, process, and packaging form can be time-consuming.


In order to speed up the process and reduce the loss of information transmission, StarSeed Packaging design team ensures both sides are on the same page by providing a full set of free packaging design for each client, including graphic design and 3D mockup.

3D mockup of jewelry box

Octagonal Jewelry Box


White Jewelry Box Design


Paper Bag Design


Velvet Bag Design


Printed Tissue Paper


Custom Ribbon Design

Upon confirmation on the graphic design, StarSeed Packaging team provides 3D mockup to display the overall effect of the packaging. With the 3D mockup, we can easily see and feel not only the appearance, but also the texture of brought by certain material and effect of printing and processing techniques.


3D Mockup


Black Jewelry Box Mockup

White Jewelry Box Mockup

White Jewelry Box Mockup

A Closer Look at the Details

Black Series

Designed in octagonal shape with 4 kinds of inserts for single ring, double ring, necklace box, and earrings pendant box. A gold pressing clasp is designed to make opening the box a special occasion. The outer material is made of black leather-filled paper with highly textured feel. Inside the box there is black velvet with a silver-stamped logo.

pendant box mockup

The pendant box has a movable core with a groove at the bottom to perfectly fit a necklace, pendant or earrings.

pendant box

Jewelry box is quite different from other packaging. It needs to protect and enhance the beauty of any fine jewelry inside, as well as displaying them. Therefore, the pendant box’s inner core is designed into a three-dimensional shape that holds the necklace. Together with the sparkling diamonds, the box surprises everyone at the first sight.


In addition, we have also created a double ring box for the sale of couple rings or wedding bands.


The outer packaging box is a 2-piece gift box with lids, bringing a luxury feeling and a convenient opening method.

opening method

2-piece outer box with the golden pressing clasp


White Series

The white series is comprised of the single ring box and earring pendant box. Both boxes are stamped with the logo using bright silver. The outer layer is made of white leather-filled paper while the inner layer is padded with cream colored velvet and black velvet.


The pendant box earring pendant insert is made dual-use for 2 kinds of displaying ways.


The outer box: a double-layered 2-pieces box with lids.



Paper Bags

Besides the jewelry packaging box, the comfortably and elegantly finished package includes also spacious shred paper and paper bag in black and white. We use black cotton rope as the paper bag handle and stamp the logo with black and gold, bringing extra elegance to the whole set.

the whole design package


Velvet Bags & Ribbons

Another item in the package is the velvet bag. Using the Dutch velvet, it brings ultra soft touch to set off an elegantly executed visual feast. The logo is stamped in bright silver color, echoing with the color as the logo silver drawstring.

26 27


Client Feedback

The result turned out to be satisfying. Besides positive feedback given by Gary, we are receiving another client through the word-of-mouth recommendations.

client chat history expressing satisfaction

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StarSeed Packaging helps KSD finish the packaging solution from design to manufacturing. White and black jewelry box, paper bags, velvet bags and ribbon in one set.
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We’re more than happy to assist in your packaging project.

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