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We’re more than happy to assist in your packaging project.

Flower Box Wholesale

Elaborate flower boxes for boutiques, florists, and distributors. Bring your floral packaging to the next level with our wide range of decorative options for your flower packaging.

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Browse our library of customization options. StarSeed understands how brand owners struggle to catch the customers attention by delivering endless packaging ideas.

We offer endless possibilities to help you finish the branding goal. With StarSeed supporting behind, your brilliant ideas never get compromised.

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Tell Us Your Needs

We’re more than happy to assist in your packaging project.

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Get Custom Flower Boxes in 1 Set

StarSeed Packaging offers a wide array of flower boxes with different sizes, shapes, and other unique details. Heavy-duty dense cardboard is used on our flower boxes, making them durable enough to hold any flowers for an extensive time. 

You can coordinate your flower box design, sizes, and materials into a single set. Through our cost-efficient solution, you can save on transportation inventory space and fees.

Satisfy the Greater Needs Arising

Flower boxes are now attractive packaging for gifts or giveaways, which come in different sizes and boxes. These packages add a new level of elegance and sophistication to the flowers it keeps safe. 

Experienced designers at StarSeed Packaging can design flower boxes for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. We also have boxes that suit special flower festivals such as the Brussels Flower Carpet or the Medellin Feria de las Flores. 

StarSeed Services

Flower Packaging Boxes Manufacturing

Flower boxes from our production floor are made from thoroughly screened cardboard. The meticulous quality control of the raw materials ensures durable and stylish flower boxes. 

Your flower boxes are professionally adjusted and QC tested to achieve your goals while staying within your budget. Through our robust production facility, we can complete your flower box bulk orders with a short lead-time and at competitive prices.

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We take care of the production phase and here’s our promise: the right materials, the right quantity, the right printing, the right time.