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Custom Cedar Wood Whiskey and Cigar Box For an American Winery

One stop solution from understanding to designing, manufacturing to delivering. High-end cedar wood box project. Learn the process here.

Brand Information

Terrell Marie LLC was established October, 2020 as a cigar and whiskey wholesaler located in the heart of New York City. Engaging in whiskey and cigar wholesale business, they sell products through several brands including POTL/SOTL/BOTL.

Full-bodied cigars tend to pair best with full-bodied whiskies. Terrell identified it as a perfect niche market. They decided to launch the product and started to seek a packaging solution for pairing specially-made whiskey glasses with humidors, along with cedar wood strips, igniters, and fine Cuban cigars.




The One-Stop Solution From StarSeed Packaging Team


1. Selecting the Right Packaging Material

The right packaging material enhances the luxury of cigars and whiskeys, which is crucial to the overall appeal and will certainly boost sales when designed well.


Based on our understanding of the properties of various packaging materials and the client’s budget, we finally chose wood as the packaging material for this product.

3D design of the box

2. Structure Design


Considering that the upper layer is suitable for containing bulky ancillary equipment such as the glass, igniter, and cedar wood strips, StarSeed Packaging designed the box with a flip-top lid, making it easy to open and close. The lower layer is a drawer designed to display cigars.


While inside the box, the upper layer is padded with a specially designed tray made of multi-layer EVA. Before designing the tray, StarSeed Packaging designers made a 1:1 mold of the cigar whiskey glass to make sure the tray fits the cup perfectly.


We use 3mm EVA foam laminated with black velvet inside the box lid to give both elegant look and extra protection to the glass, preventing the glass from shaking while transporting.

structure of the box

flip-top lid the lower layer drawer


3. Exterior Design


StarSeed Packaging knows how important it is to make a packaging box stand out from the others on a shelf. Appearance and texture of the box is a crucial part that contributes to sales volume. StarSeed Packaging team has studied and finally adopted an environmental-friendly spray painting, with the outer layer wrapped in varnish. Within the customer’s budget, the design enhances both the view and feel of the product.

spray painting of a wooden box

Logo Engraving

We deliberately made the logo engraved and brushed with the silver powder, making the logo color full and uniform. In such way the technique would neither destroy the wood of cedar wood, nor reveal the black color of the bottom layer of wood.


Hardware Selection

To maintain the elegant tone of the box, we chose vintage-style antique brass hardware including hinges and closures.

vintage style antigue brass hinge vintage style antigue brass enclosure



4. Considerate Thoughts in Details


In order to preserve the cigars in a better condition, we have equipped the bottom drawer with a hygrometer and humidifier to help moisturize the cigars. The interior of the drawer is affixed with a layer of cedar wood necessary for preserving the cigars.

hygrometer and humidifier


The natural aroma of cedar wood helps to promote the mellowing of the cigars and blends with the aroma of the cigars to make them taste perfect.


Besides, cedar wood helps to absorb moisture to adjust the humidity inside the cigar, which can quickly bring the cigar box to a constant humidity and temperature. The aroma of cedar wood is very unpleasant to cigar bugs, and it is a certain degree of protection against pests.


5. Sample Making and Mass Production


Upon agreement on the final design, StarSeed Packaging started the mass production phase in a quick manner. To make sure the production team understands the design, our designer team kept communicating with the production team in both sample making process and the production process.

sample confirm-1 sample confirmsample confirm-2 sample confirm-3

All boxes are made by hand and must undergo multiple quality audits before shipping. The result turned out to be excellent and the whole process took less than 30 days.

bulk cadar wood box in a warehouse mass production of wooden boxes bulk wooden boxes in the warehouse


6. Special Transport Packaging


In order to facilitate shipping and sales for our client, each wooden box is individually packed with a custom size mailer box and bubble film to protect the products from scratching against each other.

custom sized mailer box for a wooden boxa mailer box wrapped with bubble filmwell packaged wooden boxes with mailer box


Feedback from The Client

The client received the goods on October 19, and they have sold 77 sets in just one campaign. They are really satisfied with the design and quality of the boxes and expressed strong will to cooperate with StarSeed Packaging next quarter.

chat history of the clientChat history with the client



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One stop solution from understanding to designing, manufacturing to delivering. High-end cedar wood box project. Learn the process here.
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We’re more than happy to assist in your packaging project.

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