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Custom Paper Bags for DUCHESS-Luxury Super Salon in Ireland

Bespoke paper bags project for DUCHESS, a beauty salon brand. Pink and black bags echo with brand VI. Learn how StarSeed Packaging helps to bring it to life.

Brand Information

DUCHESS is a luxury super salon with 4 floors in Dublins most instagrammable salon in Ireland. Newly opened in August, 2021, it is a perfect place to relax, where customers get services including nail care, eyelash care, eyebrow care and more beauty and care items.

DECHESS introduction 2

DECHESS introduction 1


DUCHESS uses pink as its theme color. Flowers, pillows, closets, and everything in the salon are designed to echo with its brand visual identity. The entire store features a vibrant personality of the brand and strongly indicates it targeted female customers.

DECHESS introduction 4DECHESS introduction 5


Before launching the business, DUCHESS was looking for a manufacturer to carry out the custom paper bags design, which was consistent with its 4-floor building theme color and interior decoration.


Packaging Design

paper bag design-DUCHESS


Used for carrying nail polish and skin care products, the paper bag is designed in pink background with custom black logo on it. Printed slogan at the bottom inside the paper bag



Along with gift cards printed in the same style, the beauty of the paper bags stands out and impresses every customer at the first sight.


The Paper Bags Brought to Life


StarSeed proceeds with mass production upon receiving the final design from the client. Although the design is simple with only 2-color printing with matte lamination, it poses a critical challenge for printing. Since the paper bag is part of DUCHESS’s visual identity, any slight color difference would lead to ineffective marketing.

a master drawing out a piece of paper to check its color

a printing machine in a work shop

Based on a thorough analysis, technicians from StarSeed decided to take the task with high-end Heidelberg 7+1 printing machine. Its built-in color checker helps to control and calibrate color difference in the printing process.

All-in-One-Color-Checker (1)

The final bags turn out to be accurate in color and stay true to the original design.

Custom printed paper bags project-Ireland Salon Paper Bag 1 Custom printed paper bags project-Ireland Salon Paper Bag 2

Custom printed paper bags project-Ireland Salon Paper Bag 3 Custom printed paper bags project-Ireland Salon Paper Bag 4

Punched holes with black silk handle


Finishes: Matte lamination

Effect: smooth touch feeling and elegant look

Custom printed paper bags project-Ireland Salon Paper Bag 5 Custom printed paper bags project-Ireland Salon Paper Bag 7

Printed slogan at the bottom of the bag.

Printed slogan at the Bottom

Feedback from The Client

Spending only 7 days in manufacturing process, we managed to deliver the goods to our client before their opening ceremony. StarSeed team’s service doesn’t end after production and delivery. Seeing our client’s instagram posting the paper bags we made is a great pleasure to StarSeed team. StarSeed team is here to help if you have any need for customized packaging boxes and bags. Send your enquiry via and we will get back to you in 1 hour.

Customer feedback-DECHESS




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